About us

Achieving your Business Goals

Business conditions in today’s world economy change constantly. Transactions are conducted at a faster pace, and often with entirely new issues being raised. Businesses need lawyers who know how to close a deal and to draft a contract. They also need an advisor, a businessperson like themselves, to help solve those problems that are difficult to discuss objectively with friends or colleagues. Sometimes they need a litigator to pursue their business goals and protect their legal rights through the judicial system. At Wissum & Company, our goal is to satisfy these needs for every client on every assignment – efficiently, carefully and at a reasonable cost.

Wissum & Company is a Danish boutique business law firm providing legal services to the Danish and international community. Established in the mid 1990’s Wissum & Company has built a significant practice serving clients from various segments of the corporate sector.

 Our clients range from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Wissum & Company can assist your company in exploiting the possibilities and reducing the risks associated with mordern business.

 The firm is committed to providing a comprehensive range of legal services.

In Partnership with the Client

Pro-active and result-oriented. This is what you expect your legal advisers to be. Partners in business, whether locally or internationally. Helping to avoid and resolve legal problems that may affect your business. Finding the best solutions, trying to reach settlements and if necessary conducting legal proceedings.


We aim to look at the reality behind the legislation, our client behind its company and the individual behind the manager. We focus on helping you out. Our mission is to learn and understand our clients’ needs and the external factors affecting them. Hence, we can address the current situation and try to anticipate future opportunities.


More than lawyers

At Wissum & Company we work in partnership with our clients to find effective, pragmatic and viable solutions.

 We emphasize an informal and friendly atmosphere and a personal relationship with our clients and try to develop an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and strategy.

We stress a team approach to address and resolve each client’s needs by drawing on the specialized knowledge of those best qualified to handle the client’s unique situation. 

Clients require legal advice whenever and wherever their business takes them. At Wissum & Company we are used to working globally, often together with local partners, and our advice is based on a knowledge of legal, business, and cultural differences in various jurisdictions. 

By having a keen understanding of business issues, we can more prudently assist our clients in making the decisions that affect the short and long term viability of their enterprises.

We are more than lawyers, we are your business partners in a changing economy.


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